ALGhurair Technical Consultancy Co.

About Company

Introduction :-


AL Ghurair Technical Consultancy Company is based in Kuwait and was established by Consultant Engineer / Salah Al-Ghurair, to assist local as well as international companies run their projects in a tranquil environment.

From our experience, it has been noticed that small and even large companies, although they might be experts in their fields, yet suffer a great deal when performing work in the region and ends up losing time, and money, due to the lack of management skills, and not knowing the local rules and regulations and this always leads to: –

  • Delay
  • Dispute
  • Claim
  • Law suite

Company Vision:-

To create a Tranquil Environment in the Construction Business, with minimum cost.

Company Mission :-

Provide our customers with continuous uninterrupted Professional First-Class technical services with a personal touch, to avoid as much as possible any potential dispute, and save our clients a great deal of Cost, Time & Effort

Countries in which we operate and provide our services:-

The company is based in Kuwait, and provides its services in Kuwait and all the GCC countries

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