ALGhurair Technical Consultancy Co.
Our Services

At AlGhurair Technical Consultancy Co.

We offer the following Services.

Professional Technical Consultancy Services

In which we provide our clients with Professional Technical Consultancy in Architectural, Structural, Electrical, and Mechanical fields.

Project Design Works Management

To assist our clients in managing their project. during Design Phases.

Project & Program Management

To assist our clients, to manage their construction projects efficiently,

Project Construction Management

To assist our clients in managing there one project under construction.

Project Contract Administration

To Assist our clients in administering their contracts

Project Value Engineering

This is to assist our clients to achieve a Cost-Effective Project without compromising the functionality nor the Quality of the work.


To assist our clients during the arbitration process.


To assist our clients in the mediation process.

Expert Witness Services

To prepare Expert's Opinion / Reports.

Construction Claims Management

To Assist our clients in preparing their claims

Legal Consultations

To assist our clients, get a legal opinion and advice in cooperation with our partner Law Firm.

Professional Expert Services

To assist our clients, when the dispute goes to court and our client's needs. Professional Expert Services to prepare the Memorandums and attend the expert sessions.

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